WelfareWelfare Benefits

Financial support and Mutual aid society
Housing fund/life stabilization fund Loan support for housing fund within 30 million won and for life stabilization fund within 10 million won
(only applicable for employees whose length of service is 1 year of longer)
Mutual aid society Applicable for all employees, support of family event costs
Legal welfare
Support of travel expenses Support domestic and overseas travel costs, and costs for new post in or out of the country
Support of school expenses Preschooler, high school students, or university students of executives and staff
Group accident insurance Insurance against loss: Pay 90% of costs excluding 10% of own share for hospitalization caused by accident and disease
(maximum own share is 2 million won)

Mortality life insurance: 50 million won for death during work, 150 million won for death from car accident during work
Family event support Provide expenditure for congratulations and condolences, leave, or wreath depending on the case
Condominium Available to use Hanhwa condo, Daemyeong condo, and Resom resort
Club support Support club activity expenses
Present Provide at Lunar New Year’s day, Chuseok, and foundation day
Provide dormitory For new comer from rural areas
Commuter’s bus service Commuting bus service for Seoul residents (express bus terminal, College of Education, Nambu Terminal)
Operate in-house canteen Provide free dinner
Lounge and physical training facilities Male and female lounge, cafeteria, table tennis room, billiard room